As responsible breeders, we have only one litter per year, usually in Spring.  We feel that to rear and socialize a litter of puppies and to do everything right is such a huge responsibility , as well as a labor of love, that we wouldn't be able to do justice to a second litter. We do not have a kennel, our puppies are born in an upstairs bedroom and raised from 4 weeks on in our large solarium in the center of the household and exposed to normal household noises as well as our adult dogs.  They are extensively socialized with people of all ages and have access, via a ramp from their puppy pen, to a large fenced yard, so that they are almost completely housebroken when they go to their new homes. Our females are not bred until they are 3 years old and have earned their Can Championship and preferably their first Obedience degree, the CD.  They usually have 2 or 3 litters and are then neutered and live out their lives with us.  Our puppies are not inbred or linebred, but rather judicious outcrosses to better ensure genetic health.  We breed only to males who have been tested and are clear for the genetic diseases known to occur in Standard Poodles.  All breeding stock have been tested for and are clear of VwD, PRA, Cataracts, SA and Hip Dysplasia. Our puppies are  tattooed, dewormed, veterinarian checked, have their first shots and come with an International health certificate.  All pups are sold on CKC non-breeding agreements and are guaranteed against genetic diseases.  We will be there for our puppies for their whole lifetime, to answer questions and help to solve problems, large and small.

We  make certain that our puppies go only to verifiably responsible permanent homes.  To that end we ask prospective owners to complete a questionnaire which helps us to know more about them, their lifestyle and their expectations of their puppy.  We will use these questionnaires, together with Puppy Aptitude Testing, done at 49 days, to help us choose the best home for each puppy in our litters, a home where he will be best able to fulfill his potential.  We do not ship our puppies and we will not sell a pup to people we have not met in person. We expect that new owners will attend Puppy Socialization classes and Obedience classes with their new pup. Please contact us if you are interested in a Sandhill puppy.  We welcome you to visit us and meet us and our very special Poodles.

Puppy Photos
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Geordie at 9 months
Still a puppy - but growing up

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Sandhill's Dreamboat Annie at 10 weeks Schyva at 8 weeks


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