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Gracie (Sandhill’s Out Of The Blue)

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April 1, 2007: Gracie finishes her Canadian Championship in Sudbury, Ontario, with a WB, BOW, BPIG and Best Puppy in show under judge Richard Paquette. Handled by Emily Burdon.


At 8 months, Gracie went WB, BOW and BPIG for 4 points at the Elgen show under judges John Reeve Newson; beautifully presented by Emily Burdon


On her very first day of showing, Gracie won WB, BOW and BPIG under Judge Luiz Ribas for a total of 3 points
Gracie at Show (1)
Gracie at Show (2)
Gracie at Show (3)


Gracie at 3 months


Gracie at 3 months


Gracie at 4 months



Gracie at 5 months
































































































































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