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Alexa (Sandhill Colors Of The Rainbow)

Alexa is the daughter of Diva (Ch Sandhill's Diva In Blue Jeans CD) and of Jeremy (Parrishill Just Call me Jeremy), and was born on July 9, 2008.

Alexa finishes her Canadian championship at 10 months of age under Judge Martin Doherty, shown by Emily Burdon and groomed by Emily and by Lise Purkis.


Alexa at Iberville, Quebec show:





Alexa from birth to 7 months:


Alexa: Named Kiwi as a puppy, wearing a green ribbon at four days old


Alexa at 3 weeks


Alexa at 5 weeks


Alexa at 7 weeks


Alexa at 9 weeks


Alexa at 5 months


Alexa at her first show (7 months old)







































































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